Friday, January 15, 2010

Pissed off at IGN.

I apoligize for not making an post for over an month and that this isn't a good way to start it off, but I must explain my frustration at IGN. For those who don't like Nintendo and/or the Nintendo Wii, you're not going to like this.

Just a minute ago, I sent an so-called unban request to IGN. Except that it wasn't. Instead, I was going to use that to prove how much of an asshole they've been to it's fan that supports Nintendo in general. Here is the unban letter:

"Now this isn't your typical letter for an unban request. This letter is from an former member who is permanently banned from the IGN Boards. I want you to read this carefully and if you wish, delete my account, because I'm not coming back:

Congratulation, you have just made yourself into an asskisser of Microsoft and Sony. With your past few editorials article focused solely at bashing Nintendo and there products, you are losing loyal fans like me that actually enjoys the system. Tell me, why are you making all those shitty articles bashing the company that saved video games as we know it? Are you trying to burn sales of the Wii to the ground? Are you trying to get tons of views from Nintendo Wii haters and let them bitch about Nintendo every time a bashing article comes up? Do you hate having to accept casual gamers as part of the Nintendo fanbase? If it's one of those three or for similar reasons comes up, then I just want you to know this:

I have lost all respect for you. You used to be an decent site that changed the Internet gaming world as we know it. I absolutely loved your Super Smash Bros. Brawl articles and for about a couple of months, the board was great and so was your article. Now you made yourself into a shameful excuse for an professional website. You want to know why I demanded that you removed the thread "Nintendo is Lazy and You Don't Care"? It's because it attractived hundreads of Nintendo haters who went to not criticize Nintendo, but Bash and Hate on Nintendo and say that there opinions are facts. In my eyes, Nintendo isn't the lazy one, YOU are the lazy one. And in my opinion, that is pretty damn low.

The past few weeks were especially horrible when you started to make those Nintendo bashing articles. I personally hope Nintendo doesn't listen to you assholes, because for all you know, you could be interfearing with Nintendo's projects, forcing them to make delays. BTW, if you think bitching out to Nintendo is going to help any, think again. You're not making any progress whatsoever. If you really want Nintendo to listen, why not encourage your members to boycott Nintendo? Why not make an petition (Hell, that's more useful then just complaining all the time about Nintendo)? How about encourging viewers to protest in front of Nintendo's headquarters? And don't take this too seriously, because I suggest you DO NOT do this. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for articles that actually point out problems that Nintendo needs to resolve, as I have my beefs with Nintendo as well, but you are taking this way, way too far for some people to bear.

By churning out negative articles after negative articles at Nintendo, you're thinking that you'll receive more views and more members. However, continuing to do that will in fact result you in losing an pretty big chunk of the Nintendo fanbase reading your articles.

Don't think that just because you delete my account means that you can stop me in my track. As a matter of fact, this letter is just the beginning. I will make your failings more public then you've ever wished it was. I will exploit your bullshittiness in front of the whole world. I will prove how much of an ass you've been lately. And most importantly, you will be made an embarrassment on the Internet.

The amounts of views you get by supporting an horrible Nintendo community and semi-regular Nintendo-bashing articles may seems like an triumph now, but in the long-term, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Your days of prosperity by Nintendo hate-messages by former fans will soon be over. I can count on that. We shall never meet again on IGN, but I will continue to expose me to your present in different ways. It will be ulgy.

Oh and you're behind on reviews."

I'm going to get a lot of hate from this, but I really don't care.


  1. IGN doesn't care, your part of the reason the Wii gets so much shit, Mindless Fans.

    So your master plan is to send angry letters to IGN, well I send angry stuff to you all the time and does that phase you? I know it doesn't, and what is this... your second tirade against the internet, the first being your hypocritical excuse for fighting against hackers when you were gullible enough to get hacked by trying to get hacking software?

    Your such a tool