Saturday, February 6, 2010

Judgement Day: The Grinder Fanbase reaction to the game going multiplatform.

The Grinder Fanbase shows how insane fans can get over one announcement.

It's true. Just two days ago, High Voltage Software confirmed that The Grinder will no longer be an Wii exclusive, but will also be available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. As a Wii-only owner, you would think that I would go apeshit over this announcement and declare High Voltage Software as an evil overlord who betrayed the Wii. But no, I'm smarter then that. Here is my opinion on The Grinder going multiplatform:

Here's a summary, I am a little disappointed by HVS's decision to go multiplatform, but that doesn't really affect me, although it really does suck that we have to wait until October, 2011 to see it. See, I have been highly anticapating this game since it was announced with Wii Speak and Wii MotionPlus, proving that High Voltage Software wants this game to suceed on the Wii. The fact that it's going multiplatform will likely not change HVS's views on that. The only thing I wish for the company to do is make all four versions equal to each other. That's it, no more and no less then that. Even if the Wii version does fall behind, I'll be getting it for the PS3, since I'll have a PS3 by 2011. See, I'm getting the game regardless, so I'll be following further news regarding it.

But most of The Grinder fanbase refuse to accept the game going to new platforms. And as a result, they went crazy over it. Most of them are worried about the Wii version getting dumbed down (Which is understandable, but they are still taking that too far), but some of them got so furious that they gave HVS the middle finger, said "f*** you" to them, and because of this, there has been massive flame wars regarding the news.

To all who panic about the situation like it's the end of the world. Are you that insane and shallow? Do you really think a company that has sacerficed a lot to make great core games to us deserve to die? Is it really apporite to have all of these flame wars going on over one freakin' announcement? If so, then that's really patethic. There is absolutely no reason why all of this had to start. High Voltage Software is probably pissed at your behavior towards them, knowing that YOU betrayed them when you said you would never play a game from them because of the game going multiplatform.

And folks, this isn't the first time this has happen this generation when console fanboys put up a fit over a game that's coming to another system, yet is still going to be available in their system as well. This has happen to the Sony fanbase a few times and Microsoft fanbase is also guilty of this at least once. This is the first time Wii fanboys actually went crazy over an game going to another system, while still being on the Wii. And so, I congrat The Grinder Wii fanboys for making the rest of the fanbase look bad (Sarcasm).

This isn't the first time a former Wii exclusive was made available on the PS3 and 360. Take No More Heroes as an example. In January, 2008 (December, 2007 in Japan), the game was made availabe in North America as a Wii exclusive. It got good reviews and sold decently on the system. But against Suda 51 wish, Marvelous and Ubisoft are porting this to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. That might be worth getting angry over, but guess what? The No More Heroes fanbase didn't go crazy. They knew that the sequel would remain an Wii exclusive, so they realize that going crazy over the first game getting the multiplatform treatment would do nothing more then make themself look like asshole with no life. Reacting calmly to the situation is how The Grinder fanbase should have done.

Sadly, it didn't work that way. They made themself look like idiots, call HVS names, and went insane over practically nothing. They are reminders of why they make the rest of the fanbase look bad. Now, went non-fans react to the situation two years from now, they'll probably say "Wow, the entire fanbase is a mess.". But we're, not, but the majority of the fanbase are crazy.

In case you non-fans don't believe me, look at this site and see the posts for the general and offline forum section and you'll see what I mean:

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day.

@Destructoid: You should totally do an Fanboy Friday on The Grinder fanbase. That would seriously be halirious to do. BTW, I sent you an tip over doing that,. I'll be checking every Friday for that and once you mention there insanity, I will sign up to your site just because of that.

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