Friday, February 12, 2010

My love for the Nintendo 64.

You all know how much I love Nintendo. I believe that they are one of the most innovative, selfless, caring, and dedicated companies of all-time, which has been the case for the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and even the Nintendo Wii. They are currently my favorite video game company right this moment.

But there's something special about the Nintendo 64, something that I have an special attraction for, something that makes it my favorite system out of the bunch. What could those things be? Well, let's dive in into why the Nintendo 64 is my favorite video game system so far.

Back in Christmas of 1999, I wasn't sure what video game was. I was five back then (Currently fifteen), so I had very little memories of things before (The only major exception being the wedding of my mom and stepdad). Now on that day, I got an Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64. That game and especially that console would go on to be a revolution that has permanently influenced gaming as we know it. Full 3D gaming was born.

I had a ton of games for the system. Along with Super Mario 64, I also had these games:
- Banjo-Tootie
-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
-BattleTanx: Global Assault
-Space Station: Silicon Valley
-Lego Racer
-Super Smash Bros.
-Mario Party
-Donkey Kong 64
-NBA Hangtime
-Pokemon Stadium
-Namco Musume 64
-A baseball game
-A Madden game
- A F1 game

That's a lot of games. All except the last three were amazing games that I will forever remember in my heart. These games basically made up my childhood. They were the reason why I play video games today. This was an perfect start to gaming in my opinion, because I also had access to the NES and SNES at the time, but I spent most of my time on the Nintendo 64. Heck, when my Playstation 2 died in 2005, we used an Nintendo 64 as an replacement. Once again, I remember those memories of the console and all the fantastic games. Once I got a Gamecube, I sent it back to my dad's house (I live with my grandparents).

Sadly, that turned out to be the biggest mistake I've ever made in gaming. On November, 2007, my Nintendo 64 died on me. I said it was okay to my dad, but in reality, I was devastated. My favorite console was gone forever and so was the games. I even mistakingly passed up an wonderful oppertunity at Spring Break of 2008. To make things worse, most of the games I grew up with would never come to the Virtual Console, due to licensing issues. I really cannot bear not having a Nintendo 64 any longer.

This is what I'm planning to do. I am going to get a job at Albertson and work for an Nintendo 64. Then I'll start collecting games for the console so I can relive memories of the system.

But regardless, the Nintendo 64 will forever live in my heart and so will the memories. Long live the N64!

BTW, if you also love the Nintendo 64 and wants to discuss all things Nintendo 64, by all means, head to this forum:

This is an fantastic community here that I just joined a few days ago. You will not regret signing up for this community.


  1. I never was much of a Ninendo fan except for the NES/SNES. The first console I got was a PSX which came with Crash Bandicoot 3, a memory card and a Dual Shock controller. I often play on it every other week (still hasn't broke after 11 years to my suprise). Those games brought me into the video game world and I still prefer them over most current-gen games. The older ones were much more living, colorfull and strange/quirky.
    Ow well, I don't consider myself a 'real' gamer anyway. I'm happy with my old PSX, Orange Box and casual games like Audiosurf n.n

  2. @Sgt Peper: Even thought we started with different consoles, we seem to have similar opinions.

  3. @SSBFan: I never saw the point of the whole Sony vs Nintendo war. They both have great games and if you like the ones from one better then go for it. All the showing off from 12 year olds because they have a PS3, 360 or Wii...
    Gaming has changed over the years. Nowadays it's more about the graphics and if there is online multiplayer. Sure those things are important, but what ever happened to the story and originality?

  4. @Sgt Pepper: Me neither. About the only thing I do related to the console war is actually defend the Nintendo Wii. Other then that, I try to stay away from it and even thought I made a Console War thread regarding four fourth-gen systems, that's just for fun and I realize it's not worth getting into the arguing, flaming, and all those other crap you see.

    And I'm also really disappointed that the way game has changed. Only the Wii has manage to keep most of the elements regarding past platform. Which is another minor reason why I'm getting an Nintendo 64 first before a Playstation 3.