Sunday, September 27, 2009

An introduction to my blog, plus help if I should get my brother's Xbox 360.

Hello there. This is Super Smash Bros. Fan here and I just signed up for this blog. Thank you all for people who see my blog and comment.

The first thing that I want to discuss is if I should get my brother's Xbox 360. I really wanted to go muti-platform this year with the Playstation 3, but it is unaffordable this year, due to the bad economic climate that my family is enduring. Today after church, I brought up that topic again to my grandmother that I would save up for a Playstation 3. However, she had a better suggestion. Why not claim my brother's Xbox 360 as my own? He doesn't play it anymore and I'm really dying to go muti-platform this generation. But there's one thing preventing me from getting an Xbox 360 and that is having to pay for online. The first time my grandmother suggested to have my brother's Xbox 360, I told her that we would have to pay for online and I was sure as hell that I'm not going to do that. But knowing that this could finally be the oppertunity to own my brother's Xbox 360, I really want to get one and know of the risk of owning the system.

In case your wondering, my brother Xbox 360 is the Elite version. He also has only two games for the system, which if possible and high enough, sell for Burnout Paradise. So despite having to pay for online play, is it worth having?


  1. If your bro's completely okay with it, I'd go ahead and get it. Otherwise it's just sitting there collecting dust. ;)

  2. Thanks for the help pixelman. I'll see if my brother is okay with me having his Xbox 360.