Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cici's Pizza nologista.

I admit it, Cici's Pizza is my favorite resturant. Not just in terms of pizza, but of all-time. Today at lunch, I went to Cici's Pizza with my brother, my cousin, and their friends. I loved it there, I ate 10 pieces of pizza, two heated cinmmon roll (Doesn't look good, but trust me, you'll love it), and got three glasses of lemonade today. It's that good, you'll want to eat there until you're stuffed. It's amazing. And oh, I love the arcade. While very small in comparison to Mr. Gattis, the arcade is a lot of fun to play in. If you haven't been in there, I suggest checking it out.

However, my city didn't always have Cici's Pizza. In fact, until last year, the cities old Cici's Pizza closed in 2005. I was sadden, thinking that I would never experience a buffet like that again in the city. I had so many memories of the place. It was the best place to eat pizza and it was a buffet! Ah the good days, it's sad that it's all gone. But at least we have a new resturant, and that brought back so many memories of the place. So far, since August 16, 2009, I've been their four times. But each and every single time, it was an amazing experience.

Cici's Pizza is my favorite resturant for a reason. It's good to have it back.

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