Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two franchises that needs to die.

Hello theres. There are two video game franchise that needs to go away, because they are getting old and it doesn't look like these two companies aren't doing anything to fix that. So without further ado, here are two series that have not aged well with it's fans and needs to go away:

1. Pokemon: Pokemon was a great series back in the day. However, most of the fans, myself included grown old of the series. Unlike Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or many other franchise, the Pokemon franchise, while good in the main series, have not aged well with it's first generation fans. While the first three generations were great games, by Pokemon RedFire/GreenLeaf, the franchise started to get old. Why? It's way too similar to it's predeccesors, the only major upgrade with Pokemon Diamond/Peral/Platinum is better graphics, more Pokemon, and online.

Also, Nintendo has not treated their console litterations well. The latest installment, Pokemon Battle Revolution was not received well with the critics and Poke Park Wii: Pikachu's Big Adventure, supposedly coming this December, looks like it'll be medicoric, if not suck. And worst of all, Pokemon is still a huge franchise, so even that game will sell like hotcakes.

Unless Nintendo/Game Freak get off their ass and make a full Pokemon console RPG and make it great, or it's time to put the franchise to sleep (Or at least give it a long break). They should put in more focus for franchise Nintendo fans want more. Examples are Kid Icarus, Star Fox, F-zero, and Kirby. Now having one of those games on the Wii as Triple-A games would be awesome.

2. Halo: Now this franchise is seriously overrated. Even as a Wii-only owner, I've played enough Halo and gather enough information to say that Halo should be killed off after Halo: Reach.

But why that? The excellent Halo trilogy is over, it's time to let the franchise go. It had a great run, but it can't last forever. Also, the series (Except for Halo: Wars) is rated M. It may be popular now, but it will lose steam, just like most other M rated franchise. Sure, you could argue that the God Of War franchise is rated M, but there's a difference. Sony is doing the right thing by putting the franchise to end, because they know that doing more then a trilogy will eventually hurt them. Also, you'll wonder why Mario never had this problem that Halo is going to face/already facing. Mario has always been a flexible franchise. Mario is a platformer franchise, therefore, Nintendo can explore many possibilites. As long Nintendo doesn't run out of ideas, Mario will always be Nintendo flagship franchise. When they realize that Mario is starting to dip in quality, they'll either give him a major shake-up to bring him back or if they can't do anything, end it and choose another franchise to work with.

But Halo doesn't get the same benefit as Mario or most Nintendo franchise in general (Except Pokemon). Why? First off, it's an First Person Shooter! Trying to do an on-going franchise that is FPS is not a good idea, so they will eventually start to see an decline in quality. In fact, Halo is starting to follow the same footstep as most on-going FPS's. The trilogy were all universally acclaimed and as a result, are consider Xbox and Xbox 360's showcase titles. However, Halo Wars and Halo: ODST, reviews are not of Triple-A caliber. Sure it's positive, but 80's in scores means that Microsoft has only produced a temporarily series that can only hold them on for so long.

If they want to avoid losing what positive reputation they have left with their customers, it would be a very good idea to put the franchise to rest for a long time. Then they can bring it back up when they have fresh new ideas for the series. In the meanwhile, they should focus on making a more stable flagship franchise.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you look forward to more of my blog posts.

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