Saturday, October 17, 2009

Judgement Day: Cartoon Network

Judgement Day: Cartoon Network

What the hell has happen to Cartoon Network?

This is sad. Cartoon Network, used to be one of our most cherish memories of the 1990's (Along with Nintendo and Disney) in entertainments have turn into utter shit. I see nothing good in their eye's. All I see is a selfish, greedy, and stupid executives who doesn't care about there main audiences. They are a disgrace to the old Cartoon Network. And worst of all, we might not be able to get them to change. And so because of this, this new entry into my blog is a rant on Cartoon Network. We will unveil each and every one of their terrible decisions that has force them to pay for what they have done. But before we start complaining about Cartoon Network, let's go back to the old days when actually cared about there fanbase, the kids.

Cartoon Network used to be the best destination for cartoons. They had what we all loved. They manage to revive old shows. Some of the best shows included Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, and Scooby Doo! Where Are You? Now the first generation of Cartoon Network audiences could be able to enjoy some of the great old shows that we previously weren't able to see. They had met success in views and quality. They could have just shown older shows and they would still be amazing. However, the new company took it a step further to make sure their fans were satisfied.

We were introduced to some of the best cartoons early in the channel lifespan. Not to mention they were all original and something we wouldn't have expected. Dexter Labortory, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and The Powerful Girls. All these shows were amazing and and made them so popular. That's just the best four, they had many other great shows out there like Ed, Edd'n, Eddy.

The best part of Cartoon Network was Toonami. It had some of the best action shows during it's time. I mean, they also introduced Superfriends to the new audiences, which were the first generation. They also had more original shows that we could actually enjoy. But the main thing that sealed the deal with anime. That's right, Japanese shows. They were the best shows we've ever seen. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Salior Moon, etc, etc, etc. Toonami litterally launch Cartoon Network into the sky and made them so popular, they must have been even more well known then Nintendo during the NES/SNES days.

Adult Swim, while wasn't my favorite channel and was risky, was an excellent decision. If you didn't want cartoons that you felt was dumb-downed, you could always make do with adult shows. This channel was very good back in the old days and claimed many teens/adult fans.

So with all this, it was wonderful days for fans. We had some of the best shows during the 1990's and early 2000's. There was a wide variety of shows for us to enjoy, so everyone could enjoy something. We never thought Cartoon Network could be the crap that it is today.

Sadly, all good things must go away, and nowhere was this more prevailent then Cartoon Network. In fact, it's way too obvious now that they suck. But let's explain their downhill.

Personally, I think Cartoon Network downhill started when they started to take off some of their best creations without warning and in some cases, shortly after they ended. That's when Cartoon Network start to dive in popularity, because they didn't realize that just because a show has ended doesn't mean it has to be immediately taken off! That was the beginning of there downhill and nobody, not even me, noticed it.

There replacement were not as good. It was great at first, with Grim Adventure of Billy And Mandy and Codename: Kids Next Door as part of the first generation, but from their, Cartoon Network shows got inevitably worse and worse. This generation of shows is piss poor and that's an indication of Cartoon Network neglecting it's fans of the current generation. Here is the report card for each show:

Chowder: Okay, but the concept is not very good, therefore, unfunny.

The Misadventure of Flapjack: It's so-so. It looks fun at first, but lacks humor and poor art direction.

Geogre Of The Jungle: It sucks, I cannot watch more then one episode. Geogre looks like an idiot and very unoriginal. The voice acting is poor, stale at best, and I hate the art direction.

6Teen: OMG, this is horrible. Character model is sickening to watch, the art direction is horrible, no humor, and it doesn't even target children for god sake!

That's just samples. It seems like the only good show left in Cartoon Network is Total Drama Island, and that doesn't even target children!

Also, the shows that would be good on Cartoon Network are being shoved out of the door. The biggest example is Digimon. I loved the show as a child and is one of my ten favorite animated shows of all time. I was so excited that they were planning on showing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd season on January of 2008. I got hyped by watching the show of Jetix, imaging how well it'll fit on Cartoon Network. But when it was suppose to air, it didn't. I didn't getting it, the show never aired on Cartoon Network. Why that? Did Cartoon Network reject the show? I was so pissed off at Cartoon Network for this and anyone else who've heard of this would be too. Now the show is no longer on television, and that's sad. Cartoon Network could have given it a last place to prosper and to be enjoyed by this generation of fans. This is why I hate good shows that are rejected.

Also, the blocks that they have on Cartoon Network are miserable excuses. None of the blocks interest me now. The worst is thankfully gone, but it was horrible. It was Fried Dynamite. I could not bring myself to see it. I can tell they made nothing out of it. Everyone hated it, so thank god they took it off.

But this, this is the reason why I'm boycotting the channel, this is why I lost interest in television, it's something so bad, it nearly made me cry.

On November 30, 2008, when I was searching through Youtube for videos, I came across a video saying that Toonami was cancelled. And sadly, this was true. I couldn't believe it. Cartoon Network actually cancelled Toonami without warning. I was devastated. How could Cartoon Network do this to there fans? It was our last resort for solid shows on Cartoon Network and it was all gone.

I was so furious at Cartoon Network, that I decided from that day, I would boycott the channel. They have turned against there fanbase so much, that it's unbelievable. No channel, as bad as they might be, have done this to there fans. But Cartoon Network did and it's terrible. How could they reject all fans in one bad decision? They figured it out and now they are paying for it.

But the rant isn't all over, oh no it isn't. They are bringing and making live action shows to Cartoon Network! What are they thinking? This is not the place for live-action shows. Cartoon Network is for cartoons only! They must be on crack to be doing this. Not to mention it is critically hated. Not just by the first generation, but kids also. Cartoon Network, that's telling you something.

You have forgotten what got you here today. Your first generation of fans are furious at your lazy execution, the kids are furious because they are being denided cartoon shows by you. You know what? We had it with you! We are not putting with your bullshit anymore! You have destoryed your fanbase. You shall pay for what you have done and I wouldn't care if you died now.

What's even sadder is that two of my other childhood company, Nintendo and Disney, still at least remotely care about there fanbase. Nintendo has always followed the "gameplay over graphic" and "quality over quanity" stragedy wonderfully and have remain my favorite company to this day. Nintendo still care about us, even if most of it's long-time fans don't see it. Disney is making some serious re-bound this time around. They are making the promising Epic Mickey in, they have a popular channel where they listen to what there fans want, they are making 2-D movies again, plus they are airing Naruto Shippuden, something that should have been in Cartoon Network! But Cartoon Network keeps getting worse and worse daily and it's mentally painful to have to watch it all happen.

However, not all hope is lost. We can actually do something. To all the people who want the quality of there old shows, let's boycott the channel in it's entirity. Let's encourage other people to boycott Cartoon Network. Let them know that we are not putting up with there crap. Therefore, maybe they'll finally listen to us.

I'm done, have a good day and remember this rant.


  1. Wake up. Cartoon Network isn't aimed at you anyway. Besides, boycotting will NEVER fix the problem. It'll only make it worse- meaning if a better regime is in place than what is now, no one will be behind because they;lll be too busy whining for overrated anime and cartoons that are old.

    What CN needs is new, original, and good cartoons and scheduling, and people like you to get their foot in that door, if you have ANY creativity outside of the overrated anime you sadly and pathetically drown your sorrows in...

    And blowing up the problem, let alone boycotting it, just won't work, unless a BETTER REGIME IS PUT IN PLACE for all that depressed and sad effort.