Friday, October 2, 2009

Judgement Day: The Swine Flu

Hello there. The Swine Flu Rant is the first of a series of rants called Judgement Day. I'll rant on anything that I plan on discussing, just to let you know. You may request rants if you wish. Without further ado, let the rant being.

I will admit, I was once scared of the H1N1. However, when I saw Darknessthecurse (Or TheSaneRevelation as he's known by his You Tube channel currently), I realize that the Swine Flu was way overblown. While it is a issue now, it is not the end of the world.

With all the media coverage saying it's a pandemic, I call that ridiculous. It's just a flu, it's not going to destroy the planet. We are more then capable to stopping the flu and soon enough, it will be gone. Why? We actually took the time to develop a vaccine, therefore in the U.S.A., the Swine Flu will be forgotten in a year, I can guarantee that. And this isn't the first time. First it was the Mad Cow disease, the the Bird Flu, and now the Swine Flu. All of these should not have been made a big deal in the first place! There are far more serious disease that we need to focus on. HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, diabetes. These disease are dead serious and could kill you. In fact, the HIV/AIDS virus = Guarantee death within 25 years. Yet people don't take this seriously. Nobody is talking about them. I don't see underage couples wearing condoms during sex.

But the Swine Flu, people are wearing face mask because of a flu. A ******* FLU! How is that going to kill you? Most people only get the mild case. If you get a mild case, it's just a week, then you'll be fine. So why be afraid of the “Swine Flu”?

In fact, some scientist said that the Swine Flu might be even less harmful then a regular flu. Wow, so people are freaking out about something that is potentially more mild then a regular flu? That's epic fail in my book.

On top of that, I go as far as to say that in March/April of this year, discussing if Nintendo has abandon the core audience or not was a more important discussion then the Swine Flu. I'm dead serious with that opinion. Sadly, one person found out about this flu, everyone went into shock. That's totally uncalled for and they should have kept it a secret. In fact, guess what happens when you freak out over something not important? You get sick. And what happens when you get sick? Your immune system weakens. My point is, we shouldn't be going crazy over this issue. Save that for HIV/AIDS, that's a killer.

And about the vaccine, not everyone needs it. The only three groups that needs it to be safe from the flu are the elderly, very young children, and people with poor immunity system. That it. Sure I'm a teen and all, but I don't care if I get the shot or not. In fact, I don't even care if I get a Swine Flu. I can guarantee that I will be healthy again in a week.

Which reminds me. I dare that someone injects me a mild Swine Flu virus into my body and get me sick. I will prove to the world that are overreacting over a flu.

Now people who freak out about the Swine Flu will point to the Flu pandemic of 1919/1920. That example is bull. Why? It was ninety years ago, people then didn't have the technology to guarantee the survival of the patience with the Spanish Flu. Now we do and if the Spanish Flu ever comes again, it will not cause nearly as much problems as it did ninety years ago. In fact, I think it would have a similar faith with the Swine Flu.

I'm very disappointed in the majority of the United State of America with their behavior towards the Swine Flu. How they not care for something that they need to take cautious in yet are hiding from a potentially less dangerous flu is a huge mystery. That I can solve in five words:

Sometime, Americans act like idiots.

I'm done, have a nice day. My judgment have been put into place.

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