Saturday, October 10, 2009

An interestng theory about the gaming world.

I have been thinking about this for awhile. It's an interesting theory that I want to show you. It's about gaming.

No, I'm not going to predict if the gaming industry could turn out like this or that, but instead, I think gamers are from many different species. Weird yes, but you might enjoy it.

Let's face it. No matter how we view humans in the real world, we are always humans and no other species. That's a fact. However, let's take that view into a gaming perspective and you'll discover that there are tons of species out there. I'll go into details now:

First off, there are three main divisions, the non-gamers (People who don't play video games), the casual/new gamers, and the hardcore/long-time gamers. Non-gamers are one species, because they don't play video games, so I don't have to go into that detail. So are casual and new gamers, however, humans can be gaming for a long time, yet barely play video games, and still be a casual gamer. You can be new to gaming, yet play video games regularly and still be consider a new gamer. Casual/new gamers are just one species, yet they are two subspecies.
The want I really want to talk about is the long-time/hardcore gamers. There is lots to discuss here, so please pay attention:

Unlike the non-gamers and new/casual gamers, the long-time/hardcore gamers have many species and like new/casual gamers, most of the species have subspecies. Also, you can be part of more then one species. You may also choose to join a species or leave a species. Let's say I'm tired of Nintendo and want nothing else to deal with them. I would be leaving the Nintendo species. And let's say I want to join the Sony species. I would be joining them. That's an example of joining and leaving a species. However, you do not have to leave a species to join a species, nor do you have to join a species if you leave the species.

A gaming species, like in real life, can go extinct for two reasons:

1. If the company that make games goes out of business or leave the gaming scene.
2. If there are no more fans of that particular company/franchise.

If the #1 incident happen, you can no longer rejoin the species. However, if #2 happens, you can revive that particular species by becoming a fan of that company/franchise. Unlike in real life, gaming species are possible to revive. Think of the gaming species as to language, because
extinct language can be revived (Example is Cornish).

On top of that, unlike in real life, different gaming species are able to make intellectual arguments between each other and not just kill each other. They are humans of course. Only humans can be part of the gaming world, so other animals such as monkeys and elephants are
not part of the gaming world.

Please remember what I said in the beginning of this blog post. This is just when you just take it into the gaming perspective, not real life. In reality, humans are all one species are we have to accept that as fact. Also note that this is just my opinion and not widely believe, so please, whatever you do, please don't flame me for this.

Of course you'll probably ignore the last paragraph and flame me anyway. For those who don't flame my ass off, thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoy this post.

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