Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Nintendo is special to me.

The world gets worse every day. Even in entertainment. Micheal Jackson is dead, Cartoon Network has gone into the nut-house and abandon it's audiences, Disney has turned greedy and even hurt people, musics are diving in quality, TV shows are not worth seeing on TV anymore, and neither are movies. All of this makes me want to cry and never get off my computer. Because I love to nostalgia good memories so much. It's too bad we'd had to be so restricted in terms of entertainment. And don't get me started on other areas.

But there's one thing that's keeping me from having nothing but stay on the computer all day and have no life whatsoever. It has kept me on and it deserve all the thanks it has gotten and a million times more so.

That is Nintendo. Out of all of my childhood memories, Nintendo is the only company that I believe that has sticked with it's audiences throughout generation and has not forgotten about them. Sure they aren't perfect, but they are amazing. Sure Cartoon Network and Disney were great childhood memories, but if anything has impact me for the rest of my life, it is Nintendo.

They have so many great games for the Wii and DS, it makes you wonder how they manage not to have a loyal audiences unlike last generation. Both systems do a great job of entertaining me and there are so many games from both platforms that I want, but most of which I will never be able to get sadly.

I've just thinked of this recently, but my memories with Nintendo strech ten years.

In Christmas of 1999, I've receive my very own Nintendo 64. Along with it was the spectacular Super Mario 64, the game that changed my life. It was a revolution not to be forgotten by not just me, but millions of others. Who could forget seeing Mario jumping out of a 3-D pipe for the first time? Who could forget running around the Mushroom Kingdom? Who could forget earning there first Star on their own and so much more. That game is filled with memroies and has single-handly influenced me for the rest of my life. Actually, just parts of me.

Fast forward to today and I just played the increablie Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. I got that game for Christmas two years ago and I enjoy this game today. Anyone who has not experience this must get there hands on it. Don't just look at the boxart, think of how awesome the game will be, play the game, or even rent it. Don't think about it and buy it as soon as possible. It shows the masterpiece that Nintendo was way before I was born and how amazing Nintendo is today I dare say this, but this is the showcase title for this generation for me. In fact, I go as far as to say it's flat-out flawless, 10 out of 10, polish to perfection, and perfect. That game will forever remain in my heart, just like Nintendo and their games.

That isn't the only good game for the Wii. I can name almost 140 solid games for the Wii. Nintendo are genius at not just quality games, but fiancial instead. Why? Don't you see how fast the Wii and DS sold off shelfs? It was like they flew off into customer hands. What they got was a high-quality, unique system that does things that it's compeatitor up until now wouldn't or couldn't do. They made the motion controls successful and improve gameplay. They also proved that graphics and online isn't every, it all boils down to the gameplay. Nintendo took quality before quanity apporach years ago and they still do. That's the reason why unlike with Disney and Cartoon Network, I am far from fed up with them. I'm not saying that they haven't messed up a few times (Points to E3 2008 and the hugely dissapointing Gamecube), but in the end, they have deliever to there fans, it's a shame that most people don't take advantage of the offer, especially long-time fans.

Nintendo has always innovated themself and especially this generation. That's why the Wii and DS are consider by me some of the best systems of all time, even thought I don't buy games regularly, due to fiancial issues.

As a love letter to it's fans, they open us a downloadable service where you can get classic games for cheap price, and they update every week. That's right, I'm talking about the Virtual Console and it is awesome. So many classic games that I have to get, yet not enough time. I cannot wait for my next Wii Point Card purchase to get my hands on new "old" games, something I should have done months ago. Sure it has gone downhill in the few months, but Nintendo is still keeping it alive. Not to mention that it has a huge potential which I think will someday meet.

Nintendo, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for catering to the fans for years and not giving up on us. Thank you for the great games you shower us with. Thank you for staying alive and giving us a reason why we game at all. And most importantly, thank you for saving the video gaming industry. We should seriously do special for you.


  1. couldnt have said it better myself. great treadmark ssbfan1999 rant

  2. @Sneezy MacParlecdo: This wasn't really a rant, but actually a thank-you letter to Nintendo. Wait until you see my rant on the Nintendo hardcore fanbase.

    But since I don't want to be rude, thank you for the compliment.

    BTW Sneezy MacParlecdo, what is your name on Nintendo Life?