Friday, October 2, 2009

My official Mario Kart Wii Tournament

I am officially announcing a tournament for Mario Kart Wii. Mario Kart Wii is the latest installment in the Mario Kart sub-franchise, which is consider one of Mario's best spin-offs series.

There will be 12 players in the tournament. Remember to post your Friend Code for Mario Kart Wii, because you will be sharing it to everyone who joins, plus me (My Friend Code is 1375-8532-7365). As of now, there is no confirmed tournament date and will not be confirmed until twelve people have joined this tournament. People who have joined will be listed here:

The Host's Friend Code: 1375-8532-7365

1. bobbert33: 4210-8061-9106
2. Spax: ????-????-????

If you wish to join, please comment. You will automatically be added to the list, although you can choose to leave also if the tournament doesn't interest you anymore. Please note that I will be the spectator for all races.

Here is how the the tournament will work. In the 1st Round, there will be four groups of three players. The winner of each round will advance to the Semi-Final, where there are two groups of two players. The Final Round has one group of two players.

In the 1st Round, here are the courses you will run on:
1. Luigi Circuit
2. N64 Mario Raceway
3. Coconut Mall
4. Toad's Factory

During the Semi-Final:
1. Mario Circuit
2. DS Delfino Square
3. N64 Sherbet Land
4. Daisy Circuit

During the Final Round:
1. Moonview Highway
2. Dry Dry Ruins
3. Grumble Volcano
4. Bowser's Castle

Each round has four separate courses to race on, since we'll be playing with friends during this time. Please note that when I speculate, I will be racing also, but not competing, thus, I will in last at all times.

If you would like to join, just comment.
However, this is just for fun, so their will be no prize. It's just to see who is the best out of the bunch.

I will keep updating the tournament to it's recent state. Please look forward to it.

Edit: Finally, someone joins. Let's hope I can get started on this.


  1. i want to join SSBfan. but im missing my wiimotes currently so i cant look up my code yet.

  2. @Sneezy MacParlecdo: Nice, find your Wiimote, and were starting to make progress.

  3. 16 votes on 1 IP address... SSBF really?

  4. Ill join if your a bad enough dude

  5. @Outcast: What do you mean by "bad enough dude"? I'm not joining the tournament, I'm just the host.

  6. It's about time someone joins. Let's hope we can get started soon!