Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yesterday, school sucked.

Yesterday in school didn't turn out so well, at least the 2nd half. The first part and launch went well, but starting in 4th period, things started to go off track. First off, we were going to the computer lab to take a Spanish quiz! I have not prepared for it, nor expected it, so I was screwed. I only got a 56 on my quiz, now that's going to drop my average.

5th period was better, but my power point would not be accepted since my teacher could not download I basically went through the day pretending that nobody was presenting there power point and instead, stuck my nose on my November, 2009 Game Informer issue. 6th period was good, except that I couldn't finish my math test.

But the last period of the day started badly too. My teacher gave me permission to call my grandmother in the attendance office, however, according to the bell, I was late and the attendance office gave me my first ever tardy. I was furious. What did I do to deserve getting a tardy? I had permission to call my grandmother! Luckily, my teacher understand the situation, so she let me use her iPhone to call my grandmother. The rest of the period went well.

After 7th period, I needed to go to Math tutorials, and thank god I did, because my teacher won't be here this upcoming Monday. After finishing what few question I didn't get done during class, I remained to do a sketch of my science project and read Game Informer. Then I went home.

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